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$120.00 Hemstiched White Napkin Set/12
Hemstiched White Napkin Set/12
  • 20" L
  • 20" W
$120.00 ($US) 2 Likes
$100.00 Hemstitched White Placemats-Set/12
Hemstitched White Placemats-Set/12
  • 20" L
  • 14" W
$100.00 ($US)
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Textiles in varied textures, spanning the wide range from napkin rings to table throws to bedcovers, supplement the selection of textiles into full collections.

Our philosophy at Saro is three-fold: Good design. Great value. Long-lasting partnerships.

Our customers have come to us for more than 30 years, knowing that they will get the latest ...... Read More