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CONTY collection with 102 products
CONTY 9 Collections 102 products  
Napkin ring collection with 15 products
Napkin ring 15 products    
OMEGA collection with 5 products
OMEGA 2 Collections 5 products  
OMEGA collection with 11 products
OMEGA 7 Collections 11 products  
OMEGA collection with 6 products
OMEGA 6 products    
DIANA collection with 72 products
DIANA 16 Collections 72 products  
Helios collection with 44 products
Helios 44 products Best Seller    
BAMBOO collection with 17 products
BAMBOO 17 products 1  
Olivia  collection with 1 products
Olivia 1 product 1  
TANG collection with 15 products
TANG 15 products    
Altea collection with 22 products
Altea 22 products Best Seller 3  
Byblos clear collection with 15 products
Byblos clear 15 products Best Seller    
City Red collection with 5 products
City Red 5 products    
Doric clear collection with 20 products
Doric clear 20 products Best Seller    
Galaxie wood collection with 3 products
Galaxie wood 3 products Best Seller    
Marat collection with 15 products
Marat 15 products    
Orio collection with 12 products
Orio 12 products Best Seller 1  
Pluton horm collection with 2 products
Pluton horm 2 products    
Sets collection with 3 products
Sets 3 products    
Venus collection with 15 products
Venus 15 products Best Seller    
ZOE collection with 16 products
ZOE 16 products Best Seller    
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Our history

thiersThe firm was founded in 2002 by Mr Philippe FROMENT. The CAPDECO company open its doors in Thiers which is the French capital of the cutlery industry and where knives are made for more than 6 centuries. Heiress of a know-how for generations, the Froment family started its business in 1963 in a small ...... Read More