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Four Elements collection with 4 products
Four Elements 4 products    
Crystal Stemware & Barware
90  Degree Barware collection with 4 products
90 Degree Barware 4 products    
Aurea collection with 5 products
Aurea 5 products    
Avenue collection with 11 products
Avenue 11 products    
Fan Club collection with 3 products
Fan Club 3 products 2  
Maison collection with 4 products
Maison 4 products    
Manhattan  collection with 7 products
Manhattan 7 products    
Quoin collection with 4 products
Quoin 4 products    
Crystal Giftware
Avant-Garde collection with 2 products
Avant-Garde 2 products    
Brilliance collection with 2 products
Brilliance 2 products    
Crystalization collection with 3 products
Crystalization 3 products    
Gem collection with 2 products
Gem 2 products    
Omega collection with 2 products
Omega 2 products    
Pulse collection with 3 products
Pulse 3 products 1  
Rockstar collection with 2 products
Rockstar 2 products 1  
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STEKLARNA ROGAŠKA d.o.o. is one of the leading producers of crystal ware in the world and the Rogaška trademark is at the highest level in terms of price, quality and design innovation in its branch of industry.

STEKLARNA ROGAŠKA d.o.o. and Rogaška brand are part of the Fiskars portfolio of brands and trademarks.

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